Our Cause

Our desire to start a farm is drawn from our concern for what we put into our bodies and a desire to have a life-giving connection with the land. In recent years it has become increasingly understood that the quality of food available to the common consumer is poor. The over-processing of crops and food products along with conventional farming practices has created nutrient deficient foods and introduced chemicals into our food web that have led to people in poor health and vitality.  


We believe a correction to this problem is to get back to the land ourselves and grow our own food. So, we bought some property, learned about regenerative farming practices, and decided to produce good food for ourselves and the people around us. 

It's our hope to feed as many families as we can and to bless others with highly nutritious food. Since it's our desire to bless as many families as possible, that means providing our food to families that are struggling financially and/or have life circumstances that make it difficult to afford food like ours. To accomplish this, we have made it a company policy to donate 10% of our annual yield each year to local families in need and/or to local food banks in our area. We will be partnering with local organizations, such as churches and food banks to achieve this goal.

Currently, we are partnering with our local church, Twenty Six Eight, to help families in need during the COVID pandemic. During this time we will be donating 10% of our proceeds for each CSA share purchased toward the purchase of CSA shares for families in need. For every ten shares purchased, a family will receive a full share, providing them farm fresh food for the next five months. Families will also receive smaller monthly installments if full share proceeds aren't met. We will also be donating 10% of our annual yield to a local food bank in our church's name as a thanks for their large contribution toward blessing families in our church.