Grass-Fed Lamb
Grass-Fed Lamb

Grass-Fed Lamb

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Reserve your whole lamb now. We are selling  lamb by the head to be butchered late October, early November 2020. Customers have the option of buying a lamb and having it processed by our local butcher, or processing it themselves. If you choose to have it processed by our butcher, we will send you a form to customize how you want your lamb processed (i.e. what cuts you prefer). Please indicate your plans when checking out.

Hanging weights will vary, but should average around 50 lbs. We charge $5.50/lb. for the hanging weight, plus processing fees (around $140). Total cost of a fully processed lamb will be around $400. A down payment of $175 will reserve your lamb. We will collect the remaining balance at the time of harvest. After your lamb has been processed we will arrange a day to deliver it to your house.

If you choose to process your own lamb, we will contact you to discuss the arrangements and requirements for picking it up.

Our lambs are 100% grass fed and are never given grain. They live the majority of their days on our pasture feasting on a mix of ten different plant species custom designed to maximize their growth and nutrition. In the winter they are fed organic alfalfa hay. As a result, their meat has a nutrition value that is much greater than conventionally raised lamb.

We raise dorper lambs, which are a breed of hair sheep that produce a more flavorful, less gamey tasting meat. I think you’ll find that these are some of the best tasting lambs available.